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News Industry Giant Al Primo Joins WeatheRate Board

Phoenix, AZ (November 10, 2004) - Al Primo, the creator of the Eyewitness News concept, joined the Board of Advisors of WeatheRate, Inc. today.

"Weather is the number one reason people watch their local TV news," said Primo. "In an era of declining news viewership, every viewer counts. Accuracy in forecasting is critical. WeatheRate offers a credible, unique branding and promotion opportunity. I'm pleased to be affiliated with this organization."

"Primo is a natural fit for our company," said WeatheRate President and Chief Meteorologist Bruce Fixman. "Al revolutionized broadcast journalism in the early 1970s, and we're changing the face of news promotion now."

Primo currently produces Teen Kids News, a weekly news program, syndicated to 200 television stations, coast to coast. His independent production company develops programming for networks, television stations and cable systems.

About WeatheRate

The Arizona-based company crowns local meteorologists across the country as the most accurate in their TV markets by comparing forecasts with actual conditions. WeatheRate verifies high and low temperatures, sky cover, precipitation, snow accumulation, wind and fog. Accuracy in forecasting severe weather and timing of precipitation also comes into play.

Using a business model similar to J.D. Power and Associates, WeatheRate conducts independent research at their own expense. At the end of each WeatheRating period, the company offers its seal of approval only to the most accurate station in each television market.

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