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We verify the accuracy of TV weather forecasts and tell you who's the best in your city.

Whether you need to know if it's going to rain today, or if frost will damage your plants tonight, tune in to your local WeatheRate certified TV station.

About WeatheRate

Bruce Fixman, our company founder and President, is a meteorologist. In a previous life he forecasted weather for radio, television, newspapers, trucking companies and government agencies. You may have heard him on the air in New York City, Philadelphia and many other cities across the country.

Tired of every TV station claiming to be the most accurate, pinpoint or simply the best in town, Bruce developed WeatheRate. WeatheRate is the only independent television weather forecast verification company in the United States; perhaps even the world.

Our patented WeatherTracker II software compares your local TV weather forecasts with observed conditions to reveal who's the most accurate. Because WeatheRate is not affiliated with any TV stations or the companies that own them, we tell you who's really most accurate in your WeatheRated city.

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